Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dinner Party Menu

J and I were in Cali at the holidays, so we weren't around for our annual dinner party for our family of choice, known collectively as "The G's". So next Saturday we will have everyone over for the big blowout. Here's the menu as it stands now.

First course (Everyone let's me know their choice)
Shrimp cocktail. I have some strong fans of the classic. And I have some dishes I don't use for anything but this. Gotta use those, right?
Fisherman's Stew ala Felgerts: cod, mussels, crab, lobster in a saffron broth. We love this dish. I start by baking a potato, then letting it get cold, cutting it into cubes and frying in in a little bacon grease until it is golden. Then I take those out of the pan, and brown up some codfish. Then I add chopped onion, celery, and green bell peppers. When they are soft, I pour in clam juice, and some saffron. Once the broth comes to just under the boil, I add the other sea food and put a tight lid on the pan. About 3-5 minutes, the soup is finished. I put the browned potatoes in a wide soup bowl, and add the fishes and veggies, and pour the hot broth over the whole mess. It is incredible.
Mushroom ravioli in Truffle Sauce. I wanted to have a vegetarian option. This is actually not home-made. (Don't tell anyone!) This is from the frozen foods counter at Trader Joe's and it is really yummy.
Salad (Pick one)
Roasted beets and warm goat cheese with bitter greens served with an aged balsamic (20 year old) vinegarette
Cesar Salad with garlic toasts and Romano curls
Iceberg Wedge with blue cheese dressing

Main course
Prime Rib
Twice Baked Potatoes
Roasted winter squash with cranberries and pecans
Roasted Brussels sprouts
Cheese course
Probably will have some hard cheese, a mild brie, a Gorgonzola, and something really strong plus apples

Cookies and coffee
Thinking about hazelnut shortbreads, ginger cookies, and these sinfully good chocolate chip with salted caramel bars.

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