Sunday, August 15, 2010

Maybe My Next New Dishes? Sophie Conran for Porteirion

I love my everyday dishes, and it was love at first sight about 15 years ago when I first spotted them at Williams Sonoma. They are creamy white with a broad border of maroon on the rim and a tiny edge of dark blue. But they are stoneware, and that means that they have developed a lot of little chips, especially after they became my everyday china.

So I know I need to replace them sometime soon, but I am not looking forward to that angst producing effort. Not one bit. So imagine my surprise when, while window shopping in Niagara-on-the-Lake, I saw these dishes! They are Sophie Conran for Porteirion in Celadon blue. And they are porcelain, much sturdier than stoneware. And the internet tells me that they are on sale right now for about 50% off! That makes things very doable for me!

Early in my life I decided that I didn't need serving pieces that matched. I just needed serving pieces that "go with". So my large collection of platters, bowls and other serving pieces will go very nicely. Now, if only J will feel the same way about these!

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