Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Four Signs That It's Spring in Rochester, NY

I love Rochesterians in the Springtime. Everyone is so HAPPY that it's over. It being winter. People are practically giddy. Rochesterians really appreciate the good weather. Where else do you have at least one festival of some sort or another every weekend from April 15 - October 1. Most weekends there are several, especially once the volunteer fire companies start their "Firemen's Field Days".

So here are the four signs that say Spring is definitely arrived:

 Red Winged Blackbird from Wikipedia!
1. Red wing blackbirds have returned! I know some people think it's the first robin, but we had the first robin in February. I think that's too soon. Miss J insists it's the return of the Junkos -- but I've never seen them. They seem to come while I'm at work and only Miss J is around. Hmmmm. The Canada Geese (not, as frequently labled, "Canadian" geese.) also return and pair up for breeding time. Soon we will look like a page out of Make Way for Ducklings as all the babies hatch out and doing what Canada Geese do best: make goose poop!

Our little piece of paradise!
2. I arrive late for work. I don't leave the house any later, and in fact, I might even wake up earlier than in the winter. But I can't seem to get to work on time because I start "touring the grounds". I have to see what in our rather extensive gardens is starting to come up. Right now we have crocuses and snow drops blooming. Daffodil buds are swelling, and I expect blooms by the weekend if we really get those 60 degree days that are promised. The new tulips I planted across the front of the house are up. I'm thrilled they didn't all end up as squirrel snacks.

3. Love is in the air, at least for the squirrels. I'm not going to include a picture so this blog will remain "safe for work." All I can say is, "bow chicka bowbow!"

Spring Peeper, thanks to Wikipedia
4. The peepers start singing. My friend Lois used to say, "The peepers have to freeze three times before it is really Spring!" I think we are a ways out from peeper time, but soon I'll start driving home with my windows down, straining to hear those peepers. Then count 3 freezes and I'll know for sure that Spring has arrived and Winter is gone. Lois is gone now, and I miss both her and her hubby, Bruce. Especially when I hear the peepers singing.

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