Monday, March 19, 2012

Philadelphia Flower Show

One day I came home from work in a decidedly grumpy mood. I used up all my vacation time having fun in the Summer and Fall, and now there isn't any time for a Spring vacation. I suggested that maybe we should go to New York for a weekend. So Miss J told me that she was planning to take me to the Philadelphia Flower Show for my birthday! What a treat!

The Garden Show was amazing. I visited Philly in the fall, and the conference I attended was at the same convention center. It's huge! I was really glad that we got over there just as it was opening on Saturday. At 9:00 AM it was just a little bit crowed, but by 11:30 it was jammed. We saw examples of every kind of flower possible. We've had an early Spring here, but not so early as to have things blooming like they were at the Flower Show. 

We are making our project list right now for this year's gardening, and we got some interesting ideas at the Show. I am absolutely dying to put in some kind of a rock garden. I saw these home made planters made from Styrofoam and cement that end up looking like that volcanic rock, tufta. They looked spectacular. J isn't as enthralled, but I think I might be able to get her on the bus.

I bought myself a new pair of gloves, a pair of flower snips for arranging, and a "frog"  - a round piece of heavy metal (brass I think) with pins sticking out of it that you can use for flower arrangements. I've already used all three!

Philly was just lovely -- I hope we get to return there some time soon. I've got a couple more posts on our dinners there. The food was only second to the flowers!

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