Monday, April 16, 2012

April Garden Report

We are enjoying a very early spring here in Rochester. Well, I guess I should modify that statement a little. Here is Rochester, we enjoy good weather very very much. But we always have that sensation that a meteor is speeding towards earth when we do. There is just that little bit of, "Oh wow, we are going to pay for this!" in the back of our minds.  My garden, however, has no guilt, and just blooms it heart out when the weather turns warm.

From what we refer to as the "plum tree".
Last Fall I put in about 150 new bulbs, mostly daffodils, but also some tulips, allium, and lilies. I put in 50 tulips -- a lily form tulip -- in front of the house. They are going to be the last of the bulbs to bloom, I think, because it is shady and cool there. That's ok with me. I like the blooming season to be spread out throughout the season. Most of the bulbs were daffs because I decided I wanted to represent all of the eight different types of daffodils in my yard. I get my bulbs from Zimmerman and McClure, by the way, and their stuff is absolutely the best! You can find them on the web here. Be sure check them out.
I won't tell you how much this cost.

Most of the daffodils were something like $6 for 6, but this one -- my absolute favorite -- was a lot more. No, I'm not going to say. Go look it up for yourself. I love the way the white petals have yellow at the centers. It looks like either the cap is reflecting on the white, or has somehow rubbed off on the white. The effect in person is stunning.

J's favs
Joanne's favorite this year are the daffs with peach colored cups. I wasn't sure how much I was going to like those, so I didn't plant very many. But I'm going to add another dozen or so this year. Also, I planted these outstanding peach tulips that have yellow at the base of the flower. I think a bunch of those with the peach and white daffodils would be just amazing. I'll be doing a bouquet next spring, you can be sure!

I got about 100 of the lily form tulips, and as I said, only about half could go in front of the house. So I have them spread about. I got an assorted group. I love the two-tone jobs. When they open up all the way, they are just spectacular! J seems to like the traditional shaped tulips better, but I am pretty fond of these.

Robin's nest in our climbing rose. Sweet!
One exciting thing to share with you -- a mama robin has built a next in one of our climbing roses. I saw her going back and forth yesterday evening, caring in bits of grass and such. I can't wait until the eggs are laid. I want to climb up and take a picture of the eggs in the next. Of course, I'll have to be very careful and will abort the mission if it seems to distress the bird at all. So sweet! This rose is an extremely prolific bloomer. I can't wait until the nest is wreathed in blossoms!

I hope you all are having a lovely spring, and will be able to get yourselves out into the garden soon!

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