Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May Garden Report

Petunias. I love this color combo.
Well, Miss J was off to South Carolina, helping with grandbabies last week. While she was away, I worked like a demon in the garden. As a result, I am now to the part of the gardening year where I describe our state as being, "almost finished." Almost finished is some kind of weird gardening calculus where you get closer and closer but never actually finish. My list of "to-dos" includes:

  • Feed the roses (we have 9 bushes)
  • Move a day lily
  • Buy and plant 1 or 2 tree peonies (depends on if I can convince J that we really need 2!)
  • Plant some small black-eyed Susans so I have more flowers in the fall
  • Weed
  • Cut back the spent tulips
  • Tie up the spent daffodils
  • Plan 30 little zinnias that will grow to 30"
  • Buy and plant some smaller zinnias
  • Move the birdbath
  • Unwrap and set up the fountain
  • Buy and install 8 -12 bags of mulch
  • Deliver the bachelor's  buttons I dug out to our neighbor

And that's just this week's list! 

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